Features and advantages of parking heater

- Oct 28, 2020-

Features and advantages of parking heater

In addition to defrosting the windshield and heating the interior of the car, the parking heater's benefits to the vehicle and occupants can also effectively improve the cold start performance of the car and improve the bad emissions of the cold car. The benefits of the heater to the vehicle and occupants are in addition to the defrosting of the windshield , Heating the inside and outside of the car can also effectively improve the cold start performance of the car and improve the bad emissions of the cold car.

Friends who drive have all experienced the feeling when they first entered the car in the early morning of winter-cold and biting. It will be even worse if the windshield is covered with snow and ice. I ignited the engine for a few minutes and hurried on the road. It was still far from the normal operating temperature of the engine. At this time, the engine could not enter a good working condition in time, and the exhaust gas was seriously exceeding the standard. These are the many problems we face when using cars in winter. However, if your car is equipped with a parking heater, the situation is different.

Vehicle heaters appeared in the 1950s. After continuous innovation and development, today's heaters have covered all vehicle models, and their volume has become smaller and smaller, with more advanced technology. Today's heater also has remote control and preset functions, which can be remotely controlled at any time or set to automatically warm up in advance. There is no need to start the vehicle engine, and the heater’s computer can automatically start a special heater to heat the cabin and engine. When you open the door, a comfortable and warm warm current will immediately come oncoming. The main components of the parking heater can be divided into heater body, circulating pump, metering oil pump, intake silencer, exhaust silencer, timer and remote control.

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The working principle and working process of parking heater

The heater is installed in series with the engine cooling circuit. First, the remote control or timer gives a start signal to the ECU. The metering pump pumps oil from the fuel tank and pulses the fuel onto the metal felt in front of the combustion chamber. The pen-shaped igniter is heated to about 900°C, and the small splashes The oil droplets vaporize and ignite, and the flame transfers heat energy to the engine coolant. When the preset starting temperature is reached, the air-conditioning blower starts to operate, blowing hot air into the car. At the same time, the engine is preheated by the heated coolant.

Why should the engine warm up when it is cold starting

The cold start of the engine requires a richer mixture, so fuel consumption is higher. At the same time, the converter also needs to be heated before it can function. It also requires hotter exhaust gas to reach the temperature required for work. Therefore, as much as 80% of hydrocarbon emissions occur within two minutes after the engine is started. Tests have proved that after 30 minutes of using the parking heater, the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and nitrogen oxide emissions produced by the cold start of the engine can be reduced by 67%! In addition, because the engine is preheated, the degree of wear is greatly reduced. According to the data, the former is 5 times as much as the latter at 40℃ and 80℃. It can be imagined that starting the car at minus 20℃ will affect the engine. How big the damage is.

Many advantages of parking heaters

The heater has many advantages, such as avoiding cold start of the engine, protecting the engine, reducing engine emission pollution and fuel consumption, heating the interior of the car, without the trouble of ice and frost on the windshield, and greatly improving the visibility range. The heater can also bring us many benefits in summer: In summer, just simply set the remote control or timer, the heater becomes a summer ventilation device, which can make the car blower input outside air into the car to keep it inside. Ventilation, thereby effectively reducing the air conditioning load.