Electric air conditioner

- Aug 27, 2020-

Electric air conditioner

The automobile air conditioning system is a device that realizes cooling, heating, ventilation and air purification of the air in the cabin. It can provide passengers with a comfortable riding environment, reduce the fatigue strength of the driver, and improve driving safety. The air-conditioning device has become one of the signs to measure whether the car is fully functional.According to the control mode, automobile air conditioners can be divided into manual air conditioners and automatic air conditioners.


The automatic air conditioner can automatically adjust according to the set temperature to keep the temperature in the car constant. In addition, the automatic air conditioner has a self-checking device, which can detect hidden troubles early.


The functions of automatic air-conditioning include automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity in the car, automatic control of return air and air supply modes, and control of operation mode and ventilation volume. The electronic control unit will make the air-conditioning system run automatically according to the settings made by the driver or passenger through the buttons on the air-conditioning display control panel, and adjust the air supply temperature and air speed in time according to the signals input by various sensors. Keep the air environment in the car at its best.

Economic operation control function: When the outside temperature is close to the set inside temperature, the electronic control unit can shorten the working time of the refrigeration compressor, and even without starting the compressor, it can keep the inside temperature set To achieve the goal of energy saving.

Comprehensive display function: through the air conditioning display control panel placed on the car dashboard, the current setting temperature, interior temperature, exterior temperature, air supply speed, return air and air supply status, and air conditioning system operation mode can be displayed at any time Information, so that the driver can fully understand the working status of the air conditioning system in time.

Fault detection and safety functions: The electronic control unit can detect the state of the system through the self-diagnostic system, and judge the fault situation. When a fault occurs in the system, the system will be transferred to the corresponding fail-safe state to prevent further expansion of the fault.