Defroster daily maintenance has a coup-pay attention to the method of use

- Sep 09, 2020-

Defroster daily maintenance has a coup-pay attention to the method of use

Defroster maintenance

The defroster has two functions: cooling and heating. The air circulation mode has two types: internal air intake and external air intake. In the external air intake mode, many small particles, pollen, bacteria and dust will enter the defroster. , A long time will lead to the normal use of the defroster. Therefore, the defroster also has a filter like the car air conditioner to protect the defroster. The most common way to maintain the defroster is to replace or clean the defroster filter. Before cleaning, check if the defroster filter is too dirty. If it is not too dirty, just blow out the dirt. If the filter is wet and dirty, it needs to be disassembled and cleaned. Install after drying. If you need to replace it, contact the defroster manufacturer to purchase it.


Precautions for maintenance of defroster

To maintain the defroster, the first thing to do is to protect the defroster. To protect the defroster, do the following.

1. Do not open the internal circulation for a long time, because the internal circulation is the circulation of air in the enclosed space of the car, the oxygen content in the car will continue to drop, and if the gasoline in the cylinder is not completely burned, the engine will not burn out the carbon monoxide It may also leak into the car, so the air quality in the car will get worse and worse, which will cause harm to the human body. Therefore, when using the defroster, the internal circulation should be opened for a while, and the external circulation should be opened for a while to allow fresh air to enter the compartment. This is also the reason why you cannot sleep in the car with the inner loop.

2. Turn off the defroster before turning off the flame. When parking, turn off the defroster after turning off the flame, or even turn off the defroster and radio. In fact, such an approach will make the evaporator humid, which will cause the mold to multiply in the air conditioner, cause the odor of the defroster, make the air in the cabin turbid, and further harm your health. A more correct approach is to turn off the cooling of the defroster (the blower is not turned off) six or seven minutes before stopping. The advantage of this is that the remaining heat will dry the moisture in the evaporation box and blow out the humid and cold air inside the defroster system. At this time, you will clearly see that the air outlets are all wet and cold. In this way, the defroster system can be kept relatively dry and the peculiar smell of the defroster can be reduced.

3. The air outlet of the defroster should be upward in the case of cold wind and downward in the case of warm air. Carelessly adjust the blowing direction of the defroster, which is not conducive to the best effect of the air conditioner. The defroster should be used reasonably according to the principle of sinking cold air and rising hot air.

4. Maintain sanitation in the car to avoid germs and odors in the car and prevent mildew.