Daily maintenance method of automobile fuel heater

- Aug 24, 2020-

The main motor of the fuel heater drives the plunger oil pump, combustion fan and atomizer to rotate. The fuel pump sends the inhaled fuel to the atomizer through the fuel delivery pipeline. The atomizer atomizes the fuel through centrifugal force and mixes it with the air drawn by the combustion fan in the main combustion chamber. It is ignited by the hot glow plug and fully in the post combustion chamber. After burning, it turns back and transfers heat to the coolant in the water jacket interlayer through the inner wall of the water jacket and the radiating fins above. After heating, the medium circulates in the entire pipeline system under the action of a circulating water pump (or thermal convection) to achieve the purpose of heating. The exhaust gas burned by the heater is discharged from the exhaust pipe.IMG_7174

The daily maintenance method of fuel heater is as follows:

1. After the heater has been running for a period of time (according to the user's usage), the ignition plug should be unscrewed to clean up the carbon deposits. If the ignition plug is burnt, the ignition plug should be removed and replaced with a new one.

2. If too much carbon deposit is found, the thermal efficiency will be reduced, so the carbon deposits in the inner wall of the water jacket and the combustion chamber should be cleaned.

3. If you find that the heater main engine intake pipe exhaust pipe and the oil drop pipe are blocked by mud, please clean and dredge them in time. Please keep the heater compartment clean, and no flammable debris is allowed around.

4. Ensure that the oil tank, oil pipe and oil filter solenoid valve are clean to prevent dirt from blocking the oil circuit.

5. Antifreeze compatible with the external environment temperature should be used as the circulating heating medium in the heater circulation system.

6. The heater water pump should be inspected regularly according to the user's usage. If the water seal part that plays a role of sealing is found to be leaking, or the water pump is difficult to start and run, it should be repaired in time.

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7. The automatic control box, oil filter electromagnetic rice and other electrical components on the heater host are maintained according to the general low-voltage electrical maintenance method. The performance parameters of the automatic control box are carefully debugged by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, and the user should not modify it without authorization.

8. Ensure that the thermal control is in good condition and check it regularly. If the micro switch is found to be malfunctioning or damaged, please replace it in time.

9. The main motor mostly used by the heater does not need to be repaired after 5000 hours of use under normal circumstances. If it does not work properly due to long use time or other reasons, it should be overhauled and the carbon brush wear or bearing lubrication should be checked. Please add grease or replace carbon brushes.

10. When the heater is not in use during the warm season, please start it regularly 4-5 times, and run for about 5 minutes each time to ensure that the heater is running normally the next time it is used.