Common Sense Of Summer Maintenance Of Parking Heater

- Sep 04, 2020-

Common Sense Of Summer Maintenance Of Parking Heater

   1. Keep the lowest starting frequency, run it at least once a month, and work for at least 20 minutes each time. The purpose is to prevent the oil pump and combustion air fan and other mechanical parts from solidifying.

   2. While running, check the heater's oil system and the air inlet and outlet to see if there is any blockage of dirt, so that the air duct is unobstructed and prevent overheating failure.

   3. If you find that the intake pipe, exhaust pipe and oil pipe of the heater main unit are blocked by mud or snow, please clean up and clear the fault in time.

   4. Check the line speed of the whole machine, the main circuit, and the oil pipe for wear. Check that the oil tank, oil pipe and oil filter solenoid valve oil cup are clean to prevent dirt from blocking the oil circuit. The fuel filter must be replaced at least twice in each heating season;

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5kw air parking heater

  5. The fuel tank must be replaced every year, and the fuel pipe must go to the side instead of the bottom. Last year's leftover diesel must be discarded and replaced with fresh diesel;

  6. After the heater has been running for a period of time, carbon deposits are likely to occur in the combustion chamber, especially when the machine is used for a long time at low gear and low speed, the probability of this symptom is extremely high. Zhongxin special carbon deposit net can be used to clean the carbon deposit regularly to ensure that the combustion chamber is clean;

  7. The automatic control box, main motor, oil filter solenoid valve and other electrical components on the heater host are maintained according to general low-voltage electrical maintenance methods. The performance parameters of the automatic control box are carefully debugged by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. Users should not Unauthorized changes.

  8. Thoroughly inspect the heater for cleaning, maintenance and repair before the beginning of winter every year, including the intake pipe and smoke exhaust pipe for foreign matter; check the ignition plug and whether the combustion chamber needs to be replaced; the controller and main motor Whether the connection is firm;

  9. Generally, there is no need for major repairs during a heating season. If the thermal efficiency is found to be significantly reduced, the ignition plug is not easy to ignite or other failures occur, the main engine head should be disassembled by a professional to find the cause and eliminate the failure in time.

  10. Heating medium: high-quality 35# diesel must be used.