Cleaning And Maintenance Of Air Parking Heater

- Sep 02, 2020-

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Air Parking Heater


1. Adding fuel cleaner directly to the air heater is the easiest method, but the effect is not lasting, and the cleaning effect is not thorough. It is suitable for vehicles with a short driving range.

2. Use the "slinging bottle" method for cleaning. This method can clean the carbon deposits and deposits on the oil circuit and valve of the car at the same time. It is also the cleaning method recommended by auto repair shops under normal circumstances.

3. Use a disassembly-free washing machine for cleaning. This method uses a special disassembly-free washing machine to connect the engine oil inlet and return pipes with the oil inlet and return pipes of the disassembly-free washing machine, and connect them with special interfaces to form The circuit is convenient and quick to operate, but because it only cleans the fuel injector, it does not clean the carbon deposits on the valve.

5kw 12/24v water parking heater

5kw 12/24v water parking heater


1. Keep the inlet and outlet valves and pipelines of the electric air heater unblocked, and stop heating when the pressure is abnormal;

2. Check whether the cooling water is circulating before using the electric air heater to prevent damage to the high temperature oil temperature machine due to insufficient cooling water;

3. The heat transfer oil of the air electric heater is replaced regularly, not just supplemented. The oil change time depends on the frequency of use and temperature;

4. The pipeline needs to be cleaned regularly. The net cover in the filter is recommended to be cleaned once a month;

5. Check whether the oil pump of the electric air heater is leaking. If necessary, the pump shaft seal can be replaced regularly.