Classification and principle characteristics of automobile defroster

- Sep 22, 2020-

Classification and composition of automobile defroster

We all know that there are many structures in a car, and they are also more complicated. Of course, every structure and every function serves our driving life, which also facilitates the lives of our drivers, and also brings security to safety. , Especially in winter, due to the large difference between the temperature inside the car and the temperature outside the car, a layer of frost is often formed on the glass, which will affect the driver’s sight. Therefore, the defroster is very important. Get acquainted first.

1.CS series defroster is divided into air heating defroster and water defroster.

2.CS series air-heated defroster is composed of shell, motor, fan and other parts. Ideal defrosting device used with independent air fuel heater.

The CS series water defroster and the SR series radiator consist of a shell and a cooling water tank. Energy-saving heaters that are composed of components such as motors and fans and make full use of engine waste heat or other heat sources.


Defroster-working principle of car defroster

The car defroster is connected to the heater or the engine cooling circulation system, and the high temperature coolant from the system is turned into hot air through the hot water exchange tank, which is evenly blown to the inside of the windshield through the defrosting pipeline for panoramic defrosting or demisting.

There are many types of series such as inner circulation, outer circulation, inner and outer circulation (electric or manual). It can be controlled by high and low gears or stepless speed regulation. It can meet the requirements of different working conditions by replacing the water tank (tube slice type, tube belt type, all aluminum type). Generally arranged in parallel with the radiator.

Characteristics of car defroster

Large air output, large heat dissipation, low noise, novel appearance and convenient installation. It is an ideal supporting device for large, medium and small vehicles.

1. The car's air-conditioning system can complete the defrosting and defogging of the front windshield and side windows. The frost or fog on the rear windshield is a little too far away, so there is its own solution on the rear windshield.

2. The rear windshield of a general car will have a defrosting circuit, which can quickly eliminate the frost or fog on the rear windshield after it is powered on.

In summary, for the rear windshield of a car, the defroster and defogger are one thing; for the whole car, the defrosting and fogging are completed by the air conditioning system and the defrosting circuit.

We can see that the types of defrosters are roughly divided into two types, and most of them are cs series defrosters, but the situations they are aimed at are different, so when we actually use it and install it We still have to consider and treat them separately, so that we can be helpful when we use them, and we are also responsible for our lives and property. However, when we choose a defroster, we must go to a regular 4S store to choose and purchase, so as not to affect our travel.