Car's warm baby -- parking heater

- Nov 27, 2017-

In the winter of the north, for people who commute every day, it's painful to start a car under a temperature of less than 10 degrees below zero! Every night after the car parking will cover the car coat, the second day car when the car and then clothes in the trunk, so as to make the window frost on a little less, but after the car is still cold, freezing, did not want to touch the steering wheel...... The most important thing is that the car is frozen outside for a night, cold start is also easy to cause difficulties in starting a car, battery life, engine wear and many other troubles.

Now there is a parking heater, not only can solve the winter ahead of time to go downstairs to preheat the car, but also to extend the service life of the engine! The parking heater can be timed and remotely controlled to heat the engine and the cab, which is warm on the train and protects the engine.

The working principle of the parking heater is from a small amount of fuel from the tank to the parking heater combustion chamber, after being igniter to get the fire; the combustion chamber is connected with the water tank through the cooling liquid coolant pipe, heating cycle in the car; through the heater radiator is car heating at the same time, the engine is preheated the whole process does not need to start the vehicle, there is no need to participate in the engine. In general, heating for 20 minutes allows the car to become warmer, the engine fully preheated, and the window of ice and snow will be melted. Depending on the size of the heater, the fuel needed for heating is varied from 0.2 liters to 0.3 liters.

In the cold winter, our company has prepared "warm baby" for you, with "warm baby" parking heater, let you and family warm the winter!