Car heater-the warmth in the cold winter

- Nov 09, 2020-

Car heater-the warmth in the cold winter

As a "moving room", people increase their safety while also working to improve the comfort of the car. To create a Warlock’s car environment, you must first have a comfortable car space. In the cold winter, the first thing is to adjust the air temperature and other parameters in the car. In winter, the temperature in the car must be increased, so corresponding car heaters must be installed.

There are several forms of heating equipment. Today, the editor summarizes several forms. According to the needs, the heat sources used can be divided into:

Non-independent heating system (engine); independent heating system (non-engine based).

A non-independent heating system can also be a waste heat heating system. It uses car exhaust heat or engine cooling circulating water as a heat source and introduces it into the heat exchanger. The fan blows the air inside or outside the car over the surface of the heat exchanger. It's heating up.

Aiming at the above shortcomings of non-independent heating systems, engineers have developed and applied independent heating systems.

Independent heating systems. Large luxury coaches, buses and cars used in cold areas often use independent heating systems. The so-called independent type, that is, its operation independent engine. According to the different heated medium, it is divided into air heating heater and water heating heater. Both of these heaters burn gasoline or diesel in a burner, and the heat generated heats air or water. The combusted gas is discharged outside the car after heat exchange, which does not pollute the air in the car cabin.

In summary, the installation of an independent heating system has the following effects: parking heating for heating, reducing engine wear and emissions; auxiliary heating, the independent heating system can be turned on when the car is running; preheating the engine to avoid cold starts; Defrost the glass. In small cars, especially luxury cars, automobile air conditioners have developed into integrated heating and cooling devices, not only for cooling or heating, but also for year-round air conditioning (cold in summer, ventilation in transitional seasons, heating and defrosting in winter). In recent years, with the development of economy and technology, passengers have put forward higher requirements for passenger comfort, especially mid-to-high-end luxury coaches and buses in cold areas have begun to use this independent water heating heater as a must Package product.