Car heater daily maintenance

- Sep 04, 2020-

What are the daily maintenance knowledge of car heaters?

1.The first point is that after the car heater has been used for a period of time, the ignition plug must be unscrewed to clean up the carbon deposits. Too much carbon deposits will cause a decrease in thermal efficiency, which should be cleaned up in time for the heat sink and combustion chamber in the water jacket Carbon deposits. If the point piston wire is burnt, it should be removed and replaced with a new point piston.

2.The second point is to keep the inside of the heater clean. When it is found that the main intake and exhaust pipes of the heater and the dripping pipe are blocked, it must be cleaned in time.

3.The third point is to ensure that the fuel tank, fuel pipe and solenoid valve are clean to avoid blocking the oil circuit.

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2KW air heater

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5KW air heater

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portable heater

4.The fourth point is that the circulating heating medium selected in the heater should be adapted to the external temperature. The water pump in the heater should be checked regularly according to the specific conditions of use. If problems are found, they should be overhauled in time.

5.The fifth point is that electrical components such as the automatic control box on the heater are maintained according to the maintenance method of low-voltage electrical appliances, and the parameters of the automatic control box cannot be changed at will.

6.Sixth, check regularly to keep the thermal control in good condition. If damage is found, replace it in time. 7.Seventh, the main unit of the heater does not need to be repaired, and if special circumstances occur, it should be repaired in time.

Finally, in the summer season when the accelerator is not used, it should be started about 5 times regularly to ensure that each time is about 5 minutes.