Car air conditioning technology ushered in an era of innovation

- Aug 12, 2020-

Car air conditioning technology ushered in an era of innovation

Changes in the automotive air conditioner market will affect the evolution of its technology and performance. First, the individual needs of consumers are increasing day by day, such as faster cooling in summer and more comfortable and smarter air-conditioning systems in winter. The second is to pay more attention to the air quality in the car, and also put forward new requirements for the design of the air conditioning system. The third is the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction to promote the development and promotion of high-efficiency air-conditioning technology. With the increasing pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction, companies are gradually realizing the transition from improving performance to improving efficiency, that is, improving performance without increasing or even reducing power consumption and weight.

At present, the automotive air conditioning system is facing new technological changes and challenges, which involve structural optimization of key components such as compressors and condensers, further improvement of process design, and reliability upgrades of material applications. Whether the realization of high-efficiency air-conditioning, the realization of light weight or the satisfaction of electric vehicle applications, all drive enterprises to continuously change the original technology and process or adopt new solutions

The main energy consumption of automobile air-conditioning is on the compressor, while the condenser and cooling fan are mainly responsible for determining the normal working pressure for the air-conditioning system. If the condenser is designed well, it will maintain the compressor at the normal suction and discharge pressure, so that the compressor is efficient. To work within the performance range, thereby reducing power consumption. The quality of the condenser directly affects its contribution to the energy saving and consumption reduction of automobile air conditioners.

The key to judging the quality of the condenser mainly depends on its heat exchange performance and ventilation effect per unit area, reliability, durability and corrosion resistance of the material system. Although the condenser technology and manufacturing level are very mature, there is still much room for improvement. One is to reduce costs. The second is material weight reduction. The third is to improve the manufacturing process.