How to save fuel for car air conditioners?

- Aug 19, 2020-

How to save fuel for car air conditioners?

change the air filter regularly

The function of the air filter is to filter the air sucked in by the engine to ensure the clean mixed gas required for combustion. It is generally located at the front end of the engine inlet. Once it is excessively polluted, it will increase the engine's intake resistance and affect the engine. Cause a certain impact, and then lead to the production of carbon deposits. Therefore, car owners must replace them on time to improve the efficiency of the air, so that the air conditioner can operate efficiently and reduce fuel consumption. Only in this way can the normal operation of the car be guaranteed to the greatest extent, so as to avoid greater losses.

rational use of internal and external circulation

The old driver said that the air-conditioning internal circulation refers to the air in the car after being cooled by the air conditioner, and then stored in the car; the external circulation refers to the processing of the outside air and sending it to the car to maintain the air inside and outside the car Perform replacement. It can be seen that both the internal circulation and the external circulation can clean up the air in the car to a certain extent, so all car owners can use the internal and external circulation reasonably.



For example, the inner circulation can be used on urban roads. Because the exhaust emissions of vehicles in the city are relatively large, the outer circulation will cause the exhaust gas to enter the car, which will have a certain impact on the body; and if the vehicle is traveling at high speed, you can use the outer Circulation, so as to ensure the replacement with the outside air, so that the driver always stays in a awake state. Such reasonable use will be able to save fuel.

open the window to dissipate temperature before driving

After the car is exposed to the sun, the temperature inside the car will be about 1 times higher than the temperature outside the car. Therefore, the owner can open all the windows before driving to dissipate the high temperature in the car first, so that the temperature inside the car is the same as the outdoor temperature. The temperature is basically the same. At this time, when you get in the car and turn on the air conditioner, you can quickly feel cool, and it takes less time, which naturally reduces fuel consumption. So car owners don’t just complain, just learn these skills.

slow down

Generally, car air conditioners take up part of the power. Once we turn on the air conditioner, we will find that the speed of the car will be reduced and the speed of the car will become relatively slow. These conditions are relatively normal. If you step on the accelerator to increase the speed at this time, it will increase the pressure on the car and increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, after driving, you should reduce the speed first, and then step on the accelerator. This will ensure the use of fuel consumption. Within a reasonable range.