Analysis Of Common Failures Of Parking Heater

- Sep 03, 2020-

Analysis Of Common Failures Of Parking Heater

1. Nothing happens after booting

   (1) No power input. Measure whether the heater power supply is normal according to the circuit diagram, and check the vehicle insurance and line power supply. Check the power supply, check the power-on signal wire, and check the ground wire.

   (2) The thermocouple problem. Phenomenon: Measure both ends of the thermocouple and the resistance value is 0 ohm. Reason: The two outgoing wires of the thermocouple were connected to the shell, causing the ignition sensor to be grounded.

2kw air parking heater

2kw air parking heater

2. Indicator problem

   (1) The indicator light is always on. Maybe the control circuit is broken, or the ground wire is not connected.

   (2) The start indicator flashes. The fault location can be judged according to the flashing frequency of the heater indicator light against the fault flash code table, and the corresponding parts can be repaired or replaced.

3. The heater emits black smoke

   (1) Carbon deposits on heaters, clean up carbon deposits.

   (2) The fuel injector or filter or fuel pipe is blocked, clean or replace the corresponding parts.

   (3) The oil pump pressure becomes smaller, adjust the oil pressure back, and replace the oil pump if necessary.

2kw air parking heater

2kw air parking heater

4. The heater works normally, but fires repeatedly

   Reason: When the thermocouple is heated, the internal furnace wire will be connected to the shell, causing a short circuit of the ignition sensor. The controller considers it to extinguish the fire and the ignition sensor needs to be replaced.

5. The heating effect is not obvious

   It shows that the heater is overheated, and the radiator and defroster are not hot. Reasons: The water return port is too thin; there is gas in the circulating water circuit; the hose is bent; there is foreign matter in the circulating pipe; the water pump is faulty; the water inlet and return valve is not opened, the engine thermostat is opened too early, etc., find out Reason to repair accordingly.