Air heater maintenance inspection

- Jan 25, 2018-

Air heater with foil film alloy heating film, with uniform heating, temperature, current limiting and other features. Long service life, safety, no open flame, fast heating, high thermal efficiency. Today to share with you the warm-up heater maintenance inspection.

1.Check the water tightness, whether there is bending and interference parts.

2.Check the sealing of the fuel pipeline, whether the oil spills.

3.Check the line is damaged, the connector is loose, fixed and reliable.

4.Check whether the normal operation of the pump motor, with or without abnormal sound.

5.Check the glow plug or ignition generator for carbon deposition.

6.Check combustion air and exhaust pipe, smoke and smooth without blockage.

7.Radiator, defroster fan abnormal sound or card.

8.To ensure that tanks, tubing and oil filter solenoid valve clean to prevent dirt clogging oil.