How to deal with when parking heater failure.

- Apr 25, 2017-

When there is something wrong with the air heater, the indicative light will show where the problem is so as to help repair the air heater.

During the fault state, the light pipe will shine at different frequencies. The times of the shining will imply different fault codes. Details are seen as follows:

Fault Code(ER)ImplicationSolution
01Power FailureCheck the power connection
02Motor FailureCheck the motor connection and control panel
03Fuel Pump FailureCheck the plug-in unit connection and control panel
05Flame ExtinguishingCheck the fuel circuit 
Ingitor FailureCheck the plug and control panel
08Failure of second startCheck the flame state in combustion chamber,fuel circuit and voltage
09Failure of intake air sensorCheck the motor connection and control panel
Failure of cover sensorCheck the plug and control panel
12Failure of communication(Connection broken between controller and main control panel)Check if any looseness,open circuit or misconnection on the data lines and plug-in componets

Advise:After the air heater fixed,please use the tape to seal the gap!