After installation the car heater car interior is hot to do

- Feb 18, 2017-

Car heater is the highest rate of drivers the user selection device for heating in winter, but you will meet different problems when used, indoor heat problems frequently occur. Here we talk about the reason of the problem.

When injection moulding machine for small power, some machines after installation the car heater temperature always almost. Sometimes people scratching their heads, most not installed power of small reasons, this is because the original PID temperature controller output operations on the machine because of the way, a start signal is very short, car heaters have had time to work and broke. So the car heater stop State most of the time, no heat. Then we can adjust the machine off delay time, to meet the temperature requirements.

When granulation machine like power, after installing the parking heater, temperature, total up to. Normally power is not big enough. Actual power can be increased to achieve. To determine the actual power is small, this is caused by a barrel of materials, different materials absorb heat in different frequencies are different. Should try to increase the resonant capacitor capacity, let Q values increase and improve the coils of high frequency current. Can make the barrel temperature to improve the barrel inside and outside temperature.