Germany Torro House Clamp DIN3017-12MM

German style hose clamps are preferred in the European markets. The non-perforated and rolled band protects the soft-hoses surface from shearing during installation. High quality, excellent material and easy to install.
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Product Details


W1: Band,housing & screw, all zinc-plated (head crossed)

W2: Band,housing with all stainless steel 300 or 430, zinc-plated screw (head crossed)

W4: Band, housing & screw with all stainless steel 300 (head slotted)

W5: Band, housing & screw with all stainless steel 316 (head slotted)

Band width:12mm


* Without welding.

* Comply with DIN3017 Germany standard with Non-Perforated band.

* Wrest resistant and high crushing strength.

* Corrosion resistant ,and protects the rubber surface is not damaged.

* Low free torque, high breaking torque. 

Product Parameters:


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