Heavy Duty Constant torque Clamps

Heavy Duty Constant Torque Clamps are designed for high vibrationand stubborn leakage applications such as industrial machinery, heavy truck, farm and off-road equipment engines.
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Product Details


W2: Band and housing are stainless steel 300, zinc plated screw.

W4: All stainless steel 300.

Band width: 15.8mm

Band thickness: 0.7mm


* Smooth band inside to protect hose surface from damage.

* Engineered to deliver exceptionally high rates of band tension to handle the toughest  sealing jobs.

* Corrosion resistant,and protects the rubber surface is not damaged.

* Provides maximum engagement of  screw threads to band. 

* No pollution, occupies less space and easy to maintain.


Cooling system for automobile, silicone hoses on charge air cooling/air to air, after cooling systems, and primary engine coolant systems.

Product parameters:


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