A(American) Type Hose Clamp-Bandwidth 8mm

American style hose clamps are welcomed by markets. Perforated band, with low installation torque and high break torque. This style of clamp is commonly used in gardening, agricultural, industrial, marine and general hardware applications.
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Product Details

Product Details


W1: All carbon steel with zinc-plated, mainly used in places that have low requirement to corrosion resistance.

W2: Band and Housing are Stainless Steel, and screw is zinc-plated carbon steel. Mainly used in automobile, engineering, industry, agriculture, Plumbing etc.

W4: All parts are 300 stainless steel, used in places that have high requirement to corrosion resistance, like outdoor hose clamping, critical auto parts connecting, top mechanical engineering, chimney etc.

Bandwidth: 8mm

Wrench: 6mm or 6.3mm


* Light weight, tough and precision.

* Generally used in small diameter and space restricted applications.

* The 5/16 bandwidth generates high sealing pressure with relatively low installation torque.

* By a efficiently hydrogen relief treatment, long-term use needn't to worry fracture and other problems.


Automobile, engineering, industry, agriculture, plumbing etc.


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