A(American) Type Hose Clamp-Bandwidth 12.7mm

American style hose clamps are welcomed by markets. High quality, good material, easy to install. Customers can choose different material from W1,W2,W4. This style of clamp is commonly used in used in cars, moto, marine and general hardware applications.
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Product Details

Product Details


W1: All carton steel with zinc-plated, mainly used in places that have low requirment to corrosion resistance.

W2: Band, Housing all 300 Series Stainless Steel,Screw is Zinc-plated.

W4: BandHousing and Screw all 300 Series Stainless Steel.

Bandwidth: 12.7mm

Wrench: 8mm


*Edge is no burr-free, it is ability to prevent the tube damaged.

*Beautiful and generous.

*By 48 hours salt and fog test, it has a good corrosion resistance.

*Easy to fix.


This hose clamp is widely used in the pipe connection of automobile pipelines, water pumps, fans, food machinery, chemical machinery and other industrial equipment.

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