A(American) Type Hose Clamp-Bandwidth 12.5mm

American style hose clamps are welcomed by markets. Perforated band, with low installation torque and high break torque. This style of clamp is commonly used in gardening, agricultural, industrial, marine and general hardware applications.
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Product Details

Product Details


W4: Band, Housing & Screw with all stainless steel 304/301 or 201.

Bandwidth: 12.5mm or 14.2mm

Wrench: 8mm


* Perforated band, Low free torque, easy drive.

* Smooth band inside to protect hose surface from damage.

By a  efficiently hydrogen relief treatment, long-term use needn't to worry fracture and other problems.

* Corrosion resistant.


Pipe connection of automobile, Water pumps, Fans, Food machinery, Chemical machinery and other industrial equipment.


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