Electric Bus Motor Pump

This steering pump is specially designed for pure electric passenger cars, electric trucks and electric engineering vehicles.
From 0.5kw~3kw, from single source to dual source. A variety of models for your choice.
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Electric Bus Motor Pump

Electric Bus Motor Pump


Technical Data


 Motor rate


Motor rated 


Motor phase 


Rated torqueLevel
EHPS-1010R1.5/89C1.5KW237VAC5A8.5N·mLevel 10
EHPS-0908R1.5/521.5KW353VAC6.5A8.5N·mLevel 10
EHPS-1313R1.5/11A1.5KW353VAC4A11.9N·mLevel 10
EHPS-1112R1.5/11B1.5KW237VAC8A11.9N·mLevel 10
EHPS-1313R2.2/23A2.2kw353VAC6.5A17.5N·mLevel 8
EHPS-1316R2.2/232.2kw237VAC10A17.5N·mLevel 8
EHPS-1521R3/213kw353VAC10A30N·mLevel 8
EHPS-1416R3/193kw237VAC12A30N·mLevel 8
EHPS-1523R5/27A5kw353VAC15A31.83N·mLevel 8
EHPS-1010R0.5/300.5kw12VDC50A5N·mLevel 8
Level 10
EHPS-1417R3/43A (Dual source one machine)3kw(High pressure side)353VAC8A19.1N·mLevel 8
1kw (low pressure side)17VAC60A6.5N·mLevel 8


Ø Compact structure, small size and light weight;

Ø Simple structure, high cost performance and long service life;

Ø Protection class: IP67 and above, insulation class: H;

Ø Low noise, energy saving and environmental protection;

Ø High power factor, good natural air cooling;

Ø Simple control mode, strong overload capacity;

Ø The dual-source all-in-one product has strong emergency response capability and no delay in switching;

Suitable for vehicles

Suitable for electric buses, electric trucks, electric engineering vehicles, etc.

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