YJD-Q20-WX0001 Heater For​ Electric Bus

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Product Details

YJD-Q20-WX0001 heater for electric bus

Product description

This product is a liquid heater, specially designed for pure electric passenger cars. Electric water heaters rely on on-board power supplies to provide heat sources for pure electric buses. The product has a rated voltage of 600V and a power of 20KW, which can be adapted to various pure electric passenger car models. The heating power is strong, and it provides sufficient heat to provide a comfortable driving environment for the driver and passengers. It can also be used as a heat source for battery heating.

Electric bus heater

This product can be used alone to replace traditional oil-fired liquid heaters to achieve complete energy saving, emission reduction, and cost reduction. In extremely cold areas, considering the lack of power, it can assist the use of traditional oil-fired liquid heaters. The method of use is to connect pure electric heaters with oil-fired heaters in series, and confirm whether there is a need to add water pumps according to actual needs to improve circulation efficiency.

Product advantages

Low maintenance costEnvironmental protectionEnergy saving and comfortable
Product maintenance-free100% no emissionsIntelligent temperature control
High heating efficiencyQuiet and no noiseClosed-loop control
Low usage costNo wasteStepless speed regulation
No need to replace consumablesStrong heatFast heating

Product drawings

Electric bus heater03.png
Electric bus heater04.png

Product parameter

Rated voltageDC500V-750V
Rated current500V/21A750V/32A
Maximum power20kW
Scope of application

Electric bus, zero emission and pollution-free

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