Two-stage Oil Piston Air Compressor

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Product Details

Two-stage oil piston air compressor

Preponderance of unit

A. High reliability

The use of two-stage compression reduces the single-stage compression ratio, thereby reducing the gas force on the piston, and the force on the motion mechanism. Through the balance between the two stages, the composite reciprocating inertia force is reduced, the vibration is reduced, and the reliability is improved. Performance, reduced friction and wear, higher mechanical efficiency and safety.

B. Low energy consumption

The cylinder head is provided with an interstage, which reduces the temperature of the secondary intake air and reduces the compression work of the secondary.

C. Low noise

The noise of the piston type air compressor mainly comes from the intake and exhaust valves. Endurance optimizes the design of the intake system, intake and exhaust valves, etc. to make the air compressor noise lower.

D. Low vibration

The endurance grade two oil piston air compressor adopts an integrated design to minimize the vibration of the air compressor

Core advantages

High reliability, low energy consumption, integration, low maintenance cost


Brake system,Air suspension system,Can be a windshield wiper for opening the door

Two-stage oil piston air compressor02.jpg
Two-stage oil piston air compressor04.jpg

Shape dimension figure

Two-stage oil piston air compressor.png
Two-stage oil piston air compressor01.png
Two-stage oil piston air compressor03.png

Technical parameters

                                                      APTO two oil piston air compressor

Exhaust volume (M2/min)
Rated speed(R/min)150015001500
Working pressure(Mpa)
Maximum pressure(Mpa)
Vibration (mm/s)282828
Noise dB(A)737375
Allowable ambient temperature-40~65-40~65-40~65
Protection levelIP67IP67IP67
Weight (kg)535357
Exhaust port sizeM22×1.5M22×1.5M22×1.5

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