Oil-free Piston Air Compressor

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Oil-free piston air compressor

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A. Compact structure

The permanent magnet motor is integrated with the cylinder frame, so the whole machine is small in size and light in weight, which greatly reduces the appearance size.

B. Low noise

The noise of the piston air compressor mainly comes from the air intake link. Through the optimized design of the cylinder head, cylinder tube and air intake system, the noise is reduced to below 72db, which is more in line with environmental protection requirements.

C. Lightweight design

The aluminum main engine weighs only 52 kg, which reduces the weight of the entire vehicle and saves energy for customers.

D. High adaptability

It has excellent adaptability and reliability to the ambient temperature, and can adapt to the working environment of -45℃~+65℃.

E. Super coating

The inner wall of the cylinder adopts super coating, which has good air tightness and little wear, which can prolong the service life of the whole machine.

F. Longer life

The machine adopts imported high-temperature bearings to ensure that the grease will not be lost and the life of the whole machine.

G. Low cost maintenance fee

The main engine has fewer parts, fewer wearing parts and low maintenance costs. At the same time, it does not require lubricating oil, saves oil consumption, does not need frequent maintenance, and saves 

money and worry

HV oil-free piston engineHVG oil-free live rich machine
1.5KW2.2KW3.0KW 4.0KW
Displacement (㎡/min) 0.15
Rated speed (r/min) 150015001100 1100
Work pressure (Mpa)


pressure (Mpa)
Vibration (mm/s)28282828

Noise dB(A)


Noise dB(A)

Protection levelIP68IP68IP68IP68
Weight (kg)32454652
Exhaust port sizeM22*1.5M22*1.5M22*1.5M22*1.5
Installation size (mm) 260*190 330*260330*260330*260
Dimensions (mm)495*308*396 495*370*377495*370*377522*383*385

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Oil-free piston air compressor05.png
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A. No need to add lubricating oil

No need to add lubricating oil, the exhaust gas does not contain oil, 

which eliminates the adverse consequences of oily gas on the production 

process, and will not pollute the user's end product

B. No lubricating oil

Does not contain lubricating oil, will not produce the adverse effects of 

lubricating oil solidification in low-temperature engineering and 

lubricating oil emulsification in high-temperature and humid 


C. Gas without oil

The gas does not carry oil, which reduces and eliminates the possibility 

of oil deposits on the wall of the heat exchanger, improves the heat 

exchange efficiency and reduces the resistance loss of the gas.

Application range:

➢ Brake system

➢ Air suspension system

➢ Can open the door

➢ Windshield wiper

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