AZ Series Sliding Vane Air Compressor

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AZ series sliding vane air compressor

AZ series sliding vane air compressor02(AZE).jpg

AZE series

AZ series sliding vane air compressor03(AZF).jpg

AZF series

Innovative Technology

The unit adopts an integrated design, and the main engine, oil system, air intake system, and oil and gas separation system are designed into a compression module to provide the best performance, the highest efficiency and the most convenient maintenance. The modular design reduces the leakage and pressure loss inside the unit, makes the unit heat up quickly to avoid oil emulsification, improves the operating efficiency and stability of the unit, and makes maintenance easier.

Scope of application

It can be used for the compressed gas supply of the following road and railway vehicles, such as trolleybuses, subways, trams, and airport commuter buses.

Outline drawing of AZE bus dedicated unit

AZ series sliding vane air compressor04.jpg

AZE series

AZ series sliding vane air compressor05.jpg

AZE series

ModelAZE1.5 AZE2.2AZE3.0AZE4.0
Exhaust pressure(Bar)7~107~107~107~10

Displacement (L/min)

160 220320420
Motor Power(KW)1.5 2.2 3.0 4.0

Rotating speed(Rpm)

1390 1410 1410 1410
Power rangeBy customer Request customization
Connection sizeM22*1.5M22*1.5M22*1.5 Rp1/2
Weight (kg)

(Excluding motor)


Outline drawing of AZF bus dedicated unit

AZ series sliding vane air compressor06.jpg

AZF series

AZ series sliding vane air compressor07.jpg

AZF series

ModelAZF1.5H  AZF2.2HAZF3.0HAZF4.0H
Exhaust pressure(Bar)7~127~127~127~12

Displacement (L/min)

160 240320380
Motor Power(KW)1.5 2.2 3.0 4.0

Rotating speed(Rpm)

Power rangeBy customer Request customization
Connection sizeM22*1.5M22*1.5M22*1.5 M22*1.5
Weight (kg)

(Excluding motor)


Core advantages

1.High reliability: low-speed direct drive, minimum force, providing reliable air source for the system.

2.The lightest weight: the main engine structural parts are all made of aluminum alloy casting.

3.Smallest size: adopts modular embedded new technology, oil pipe and air pipe are built in the main engine.

4.High-quality air: automatic operation, continuous operation mode, Conveying pure compressed air.

5.Quiet design: speed 1410r/min and no knocking sound of moving parts and air bursting sound.

Compressed air application

1.Brake system

2. Air suspension system

3.Can be used for opening doors, windshield wipers,

4. Powered by pantograph

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