Bus Air Purification And Disinfectant Device

Our bus disinfectant device consists of display controller and air sterilization and disinfection generator (ozone + air positive ion + air negative ion). The display controller comes with a mounting bracket, which is fixed in the driving area to facilitate the driver's operation and viewing position; 2-5 air disinfection and disinfection generators are installed according to the cabin space, and are installed on the top or side wall of the cabin, as evenly as possible.
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Product Details

The air sterilization and disinfection generator have a built-in air positive and negative ion generator and ozone generator, which can cooperate with anti-virus in three ways: plasma anti-virus, negative ion anti-dust and dust removal, ozone anti-virus.

Some of its key features include:

1) Plasma anti virus destroys the bacteria by changing its stuructural roots.

2) Negative ions release by this device ensures dust removal, sterlization and disinfection and refreshing of human brain

3) Ozone anti virus ensures sterilization of cabins air by killing the DNA and RNA of the viruses

4) Ozone with its very strong redox ability, can oxidize and decompose formaldehyde, methane, ammonia and other chemical volatile odor gases (VOC) in the car into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen, ensuring a safer environment. 

It can capable of working efficiently in two effective states of a bus:

1) Stationary state; To disinfect the bus completely for its previous usage.

2) Driving State; By built-in error prevention mechanism, the vehicle's ON signal is detected, and it will not enter the static unmanned working mode. In this way it keeps on disinfecting the air during traveling hours of a bus.

The device works regularly at a concentration interval of safety value (each interval of 5min, working for 30s) to ensure uninterrupted safety measures.

For more information and sales inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We will brief it more for you and help you to explain its adaptibility to your conditions.

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