6KW Hybrid heater

Some questions about Combi Heater in Diesel 1.Is it a copy of Truma? It is similar to Truma. And it is our own technic for electronic programs 2.Is the Combi heater compatible with Truma? Some parts can be used in Truma, such as pipes, air outlet, hose clamps.heater house, fan impeller and so...
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6KW Hybrid heater

1. Function

This heater is an integrated machine of hot water and warm air, which can provide domestic hot water while heating the occupants. This heater is allowed to be used during driving. This heater also has the function of heating by city electricity. In hot water heating mode, this heater can be used to heat the room and hot water at the same time. If you only need hot water, please select the hot water work mode. When the ambient temperature is lower than 3°C, please empty the water in the water tank to prevent freezing the water tank.

There are three energy options:

--Gas mode

The heater automatically adjusts the power. The heater works with low power. Once the set temperature is reached, immediately stop heating.

--Utility mode

Manually select 900W or 1800W heating mode according to the power supply capacity of the RV camp.

--Mixed mode

When the power demand is low (for example, when the room temperature is maintained), the mains heating is preferred. The gas heating is not started until the mains power cannot be satisfied, and the gas heating function is turned off in the power adjustment stage.

In hot water working mode, gas mode or city power mode is used to heat the water tank. The temperature of the water tank can be set to 40°C or 60°C.

two in one heater

2. Safety instructions

The fuel gas obtained from the liquefied gas tank is mandatory to be gaseous. It is not allowed to use liquid gas to avoid danger. If there is a gas leak or gas smell:

- extinguish all open flames immediately

--Open doors and windows

--Close all valves and liquefied gas tanks

--No smoking

--Do not operate any electrical switches

--Invite professionals to thoroughly inspect the gas system

3. Main technical parameters

Rated voltage DC12V
Operating voltage rangeDC10.5V 12V/24V ~16V
Short-term large power consumption5.6A
Average power consumption 1.3A
Gas typeLiquefied petroleum gas (propane/butane)
Gas heating power (W)0
Gas pressure30mbar
Heating air supply m3/h287max
Water tank capacity10L
System pressure4.5bar
Mains voltage ~220V
City heating power900W ;1800W
Mains power consumption 3.9A 7.8A
Working (environment) temperature -25℃~+80℃
Working altitude≤1500m
Host weight 15.6Kg (no water)
Dimensions (mm) 510×450×300
Pump pressure2.8bar

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