6kw Electric And LPG Hybrid Heater

We are professional manufacturer of parking heater and heater parts for 30 years, in China.We provide our products to Chinese military vehicle. It can represent the best quality in China, moreover we are the only designated parking heater supplier for Chinese military vehicle.
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Product Details

6kw electric and LPG Hybrid heater

Whether it is a self-propelled RV or a trailer-mounted RV, the heating system is required. The LPG-electric hybrid hot water and air heater produced by Nanfeng Company is very suitable for RV enthusiasts. It is a very smart and comfortable heater product. With the same product, it can not only provide warm and welcoming wind, but also meet the needs of hot water supply in the RV.

6kw electric and LPG heater

Product Data

Rated VoltageDC12V
Operating Voltage RangeDC10.5V~16V
Short-term Maximum Power Consumption8-10A
Average Power Consumption1.8-4A
Fuel typeDiesel/LPG
Fuel Heat Power (W)2000 /4000/5000
Fuel Consumption (g/H)220/440/550
Quiescent current1mA
Warm Air Delivery Volume m3/h287max
Maximum Pressure of Water Pump2.8bar
Maximum Pressure of System4.5bar
Rated Electric Supply Voltage~220V
Electrical Heating Power900W /1800W
Working (Environment) Temperature-25℃~+80℃
Working Altitude≤1500m
Water Tank Capacity10L

Product advantages

Double the comfort,Only one device is needed for vehicle heating and hot water supply.

1. Almighty: can operate gas and diesel, electric or mixed mode;

2. Convenience: It can be combined with air conditioner to realize automatic temperature control;

3. High efficiency: taking into account self-sufficiency and low energy consumption

4. The whole adopts plastic and die-cast aluminum mixed structure, which is lightweight, energy-saving, compact in structure, and has a heating efficiency of 97%. A 10L stainless steel water tank is uniformly heated. Equipped with a fan with adjustable power and controlled by an electric control panel, it consumes less power.

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