atmosphere and liquid all in one heater

FJH-4/1C-E Model air parking heater (hereinafter referred to as heater) is a special heater for caravan that integrates hot water and warm air. This heater cannot be used in bus or dangerous goods carriers.
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atmosphere and liquid all in one heater

In the cold winter, people need to keep warm, and RVs also need to be protected. Now the RV owners in the north have begun to maintain their RVs. For some RV owners, they hope to experience a more stylish RV life no matter what the weather, and this is inseparable from a weapon—— All-in-one heater.

1. Main Technical Data

Rated VoltageDC12V
Operating Voltage RangeDC10.5V~16V
Short-term Maximum Power Consumption8-10A
Average Power Consumption1.8-4A
Fuel typeDiesel
Fuel Heat Power (W)2000/4000/5000
Fuel Consumption (g/H)220/440/550
Quiescent current1mA
Warm Air Delivery Volume m3/h287max
Maximum Pressure of Water Pump2.8bar
Maximum Pressure of System4.5bar
Rated Electric Supply Voltage~220V
Weight (Kg)15.6Kg(without water)
Working Altitude≤1500m
Working (Environment) Temperature-25℃~+80℃
Electrical Power Dissipation3.9A7.8A
Water Tank Capacity10L

2.Atmosphere and liquid all in one heaterdisplay 

4KW Diesel Parking Heater


This heater is an integrated machine of hot water and warm air, which can provide domestic hot water while heating the occupants. This heater is allowed to be used during driving. This heater also has the function of heating by city electricity. In hot water heating mode, this heater can be used to heat the room and hot water at the same time. If you only need hot water, please select the hot water work mode. When the ambient temperature is lower than 3°C, please empty the water in the water tank to prevent the water tank from being damaged by freezing.


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5. Safety instructions

The fuel gas obtained from the liquefied gas tank is mandatory to be gaseous. It is not allowed to use liquid gas to avoid danger. If there is a gas leak or gas smell:

- extinguish all open flames immediately

--Open doors and windows

--Close all valves and liquefied gas tanks

--No smoking

--Do not operate any electrical switches

--Invite professionals to thoroughly inspect the gas system

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