20kw Gas liquid Heater

The YJT series gas heater is fueled by natural or liquefied gas, CNG or LNG, and has near-zero exhaust gas. Features automatic program controlto ensure safe and reliable operation. Patented product, originated in China.
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20kw Gas liquid Heater

YJT-Q20 series liquid heater uses automatic control program, works safely and reliably. Comparing with the YJ series centrifugal atomizer heater, YJT series heater has the advantages of small ignition current, high speed, high combustion efficiency, and low emissions, all of that meet the environmental protection standard of Europe.

1High-voltage electrode ignition, the current is only 1.5A; Fuel jet atomization, high combustion efficiency, and low emissions.

2The key components are imported originally, the performance is reliable, and using life is longer.

3 It is controlled by automatic control program; the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

4Downtime alarm functions, lights flashing codes show the fault of the heater, maintenance is convenient.

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! Attention: 

The fuel for this product is natural gas (CNG or LNG).

You must use coolant for the minimum ambient temperature.

Do not turn off the heater power supply before the power indicator goes off.

Do not replace the spare parts by yourselves, otherwise it is not covered by the warranty.

Usage environment: Using temperature:-400C~+50℃

Storage temperature:-40C~+80℃

Altitude:s3000m (>3000 m special order)

Working schedule 

Turn on the heater power switch. When the water temperature is below 68 C, the heater works: the motor pre-purge for 10 seconds, the ignition electrode is powered, and the power supply of the gas reducer solenoid valve works after 1 second. If flame probe detects successful ignition, the heater goes into the normal combustion state, the ignition electrode is powered off.

When the water temperature rises to 81C, the heater is stopped and the combustion indicator is off. After stopping the combustion, the motor is delayed for 150 seconds. When the water temperature drops to the starting temperature (68°C), the heater starts again.

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