30kw Gas Liquid Heater

The YJT series gas heater is fueled by natural or liquefied gas, CNG or LNG, and has near-zero exhaust gas. Features automatic program controlto ensure safe and reliable operation. Patented product, originated in China.
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30kw Gas liquid Heater

Description of the YJT-Q30 combustion heater:

YJT series of gas liquid heater with automatic program control, safe and reliable work, Exhaust emissions close to zero pollution.


Thank you for using our company's YJT series of gas liquid heaters.Please read the manual carefully before using it. It will guide you to the safe and correct installation, to correct use and maintenance of this product, the correct use, timely maintenance will ensure the reliability and economy of the heater and long service life.

Heater is independent of the engine heating equipment, the engine does not start, through the car radiator and defrost device the car gets heating, defrost equipment to provide adequate heat. And engine cooling system connection, you can preheat the engine in the cold winter ahead of time, significantly reducing the engine wear and exhaust pollution, extending the engine life..

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Technology parameter:


Thermal flow


Fuel consumption


Rated voltage


Rated power






The fuel for this product is natural gas (CNG or LNG).

You must use coolant for the minimum ambient temperature.

Do not turn off the heater power supply before the power indicator goes off.

Do not replace the spare parts by yourselves, otherwise it is not covered by the warranty.

Usage environment: Using temperature:-400C~+50℃

Storage temperature:-40C~+80℃

Altitude:s3000m (>3000 m special order)

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