Overhead Integrated Parking Air Conditioner

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Overhead integrated parking air conditioner

The original dual DC inverter compressor for overall refrigeration (patent protection), equipped with dual high-efficiency evaporators, is more efficient than ordinary single compressors, saves energy, consumes less current, and can automatically adjust the compressor speed to achieve constant temperature air conditioning.

Product shows

CR-20K 1.jpg


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Technical data

Cooling capacity2800W/9520BTU

Input voltage

24V DC
Working temperature18-43℃
Current33A (35C ambient temperature)
Evaporator air volume450m3/h
Set temperature15-30℃


Product sizelength 975 x width 830 x height 340mm

The stylish and streamlined exterior design is very sporty and beautiful. It is integrated with the cab. It can decorate the exterior of the car body and reduce the drag coefficient of the vehicle. The intimate design of the interior gusset can be adapted to any vehicle type. , Make the interface of the air conditioner in the car more beautiful and more quality.

CR-20K 6

The air conditioner is equipped with multiple activated carbon filters. After the air conditioner is started, the indoor air is continuously filtered to suppress bacteria in the air, purify the air in the cab, and create a fresh and comfortable driving space.


It is easy and convenient to install by using the skylight in the cab, and the whole machine is easy and convenient. It only takes 1 hour and 6 steps to complete the installation.


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