2kw Portable Electric Air Conditioner DC20

DC powered driven (12V/24V/48V/72V/96V etc.)
Roof (DC20,DC30) or back (DC16) mounted units.
European Fashionable styled streamline appearance compatible to vehicles body.
Special for Ford, Fiat, Renault, VW, IVECO etc Van, ambulance vehicles and truck cabin.
Strong cooling capacity, large cooling air volume.
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2kw Portable Electric Air Conditioner DC20

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2.Product Profile

DC20(HZ) is an electric rooftop mounted or wall back mounted A/C unit with one-piece integal structure.Driven by DC12V or DC24V battery group, it is different from the traditional small air conditioners, which is energy-saving, low power consumption, low noise, no exhaust-gas discharge, high-efficiency and high-performance, etc.

The DC20 is small in size, compact in structure, and light in weight. It's streamlined outlook is compatible to vehicles body.Besides, it's integral structure also saves many hoses connection and reduces the refrigerant leakage; and is easy for installation and maintenance.

In a word, The DC20 electric air conditioner will be your best choice for all kinds of construction and agricultural machinery, truck cabin, van, and commercial vehicles.

3. Working Principle 

When A/C is powered on, the DC compressor starts to work and compress the overheated steam inhaled by it into the condenser unit through pipes and tubes. The overheated stream and the air exchange heat in the condenser and be condensed into sub-cooled liquid. Then it goes into the evaporator under the depressurization and throttling function of the expansion valve, and absorb heat inside the driver's cab, after which it enters into the compressor chamber and compressed into the next operating cycle. Again and again, the evaporator absorbs the heat in the cab continuously so as to make it cool in the cab.

4. Features and Technical Parameters

* Adjustable cooling capacity;

* Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant;

* Remote control, combined with instruction manual;

* Optional electric heating function; adjustable heating power;

* One-piece unit; roo ftop mounted or back wall mounted;

* Full aluminum heat exchanger, high efficiency and light weight;

* Compressor: driven by brush-less DC motor, with adjustable rotate speed;

* Brush-less evap. blower and condenser fan, long lifetime, lower power consumption;

* Special for Ford, IVECO, vans; RV, tractor, construction machinery and cabs etc.

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