DC30 Electric Air Conditioning

The DC30 electric air conditioning that our company produces is one-piece top mounted transport refrigeration system, it has seven characteristics
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DC30 electric air conditioning

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The DC30 electric air conditioning that our company produces is one-piece top mounted transport refrigeration system, it has seven characteristics:

1. This product is design and exploitation special for engineering machinery, heavy trucks and even other cars'functional quality and work environment.

2. This product is different from the traditional concepts’ engineering machinery and truck air conditioner. The air conditioner units adopt DC power drive; it has the advantage like fuel efficient, low power consumption, low noise, on emission, high efficiency and economic operation.

 3. Air conditioner unit has streamline design, compact size, compact structure, weight light, beautiful form and as a whole with the roof.

 4. The integral design of the air conditioner units that save too much pipeline connection, reduce fault rate of the Refrigerant leaks, while it good for install and maintain.

 5. Air conditioner units used 12/24V battery group that vehicle mounted (or add to another) to supply power, when it work there is no need to start the car engine, and the use more safe and reliable.

 6. Air conditioner units have outstanding advantages, without fuel consumption, use environmental R134a; it is energy conservation and environmental protection.

7.  Air conditioner units mainly apply to each type of engineering, heavy truck, unloaded card, etc. and according to different manufactures vehicles, we can produce different Air conditioner units to meet manufactures need.

Working principle

After connect power and open the total power switch, the electric compressor open, let the inhaled superheated steam that after the compression work and then put it into the condenser through the pipe, After the air heat in the condenser, it condensate to cold liquid, afterwards, through the expansion valves that reduction voltage and save current and then enter into the evaporator to absorb the heat in driving cab, later the heat enter into the aspiratory cavity of compressor, after the compressed it go into the next work cycle. So repeated cycle, the evaporator constantly absorb the heat in driving cab to reach the refrigeration effect.

DC30 Electric Air Conditioning 

Technical parameter



2Cooling capacity



Air volume



Low voltage


5High voltage






8Volume of refrigerant


9DC compressor


10Battery units




12Protection of pressure



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