DC16 Electric Air Conditioner

Product introduction and features The DC16 electric air conditioner is a split refrigeration system. It has the following seven characteristics.
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Product introduction and features

The DC16 electric air conditioner is a split refrigeration system. It has the following seven characteristics:

1. This product is specially designed and developed for the use characteristics and working environment of heavy trucks and other vehicles.

2. This product is different from the traditional concept of engineering machinery and truck air-conditioning products. The air-conditioning unit is driven by DC power supply, which has the advantages of fuel saving, low power consumption, low noise, no exhaust gas emission, high efficiency, and good operating economy.

 3. The streamlined shell design of the air-conditioning unit is small in size, compact in structure, light in weight, beautiful in appearance, and integrated with the car roof.

4. The air conditioning unit is powered by a vehicle-mounted (or additional) DC12V/24V battery pack. There is no need to turn on the main engine of the car during operation, which is safer and more reliable.

5. In order to meet the needs of our customers, the electronic control is equipped with a special car air conditioner remote control, which can realize manual and remote synchronous control.

6. The air conditioning unit has outstanding advantages, no fuel consumption, and the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

7. The main application scope of air-conditioning units: various types of construction machinery, heavy trucks, cargo trucks, etc., and can be designed and developed for vehicles of different manufacturers.

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Product specification

2Cooling capacity2000W
4Evaporator Dirmensions626×260×108
6Suitable vehiclesAll trucks,construction machines etc.

Working principle

After the switch is turned on, the electric compressor is turned on, and the superheated steam sucked in is compressed to do work and discharged into the condenser through the pipeline. After heat exchange with the air in the condenser, it is condensed into a supercooled liquid, and then expanded The valve enters the evaporator after decompression and throttling, absorbs the heat in the cab, then enters the suction chamber of the compressor, and enters the next working cycle after compression. So repeatedly, the evaporator continuously absorbs heat from the cab to achieve a cooling effect.

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