Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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NFRTN2-100HP Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

the design and installation of this machine is suitable for rv to improve its internal temperature and provide a comfortable environment. it can cool the rv when it's hot and warm up the rv when it's cold. its temperature can be adjusted in the two environments.


Technical Parameters

Model NFRTN2-100HP
Rated cooling capacity 9000BTU
Rated heating capacity 9500BTU
Power supply 220-240 VAC/ 50Hz
Compressor Running current 4.2A
Compressor Locked-rotor current22.5A
Rated cooling power1000W
Rated heating power 800W
Air volume (high speed)490m3/h
Cable standard12AWG Copper wire with the length of no more than 8m
Circuit protection20A safety wire or fuse
Refrigerant (R 410 A)620g

Description of Remote Controller

After power-on, the compressor will be turned on in a few minutes. 

Press the “MODE” button to switch various modes (Auto, Cooling, Dry, Fan and Heating). 2 seconds later, the system will confirm to enter the selected working mode, and internal buzzer sound can be heard. During the operation, the remote controller should aim at the signal receiving module.



The performance of air conditioner is related to the heating condition of insulation box of RV itself. Users can take some preventive measures to reduce heat entry, so as to improve the refrigeration performance of air conditioning equipment. 

When outdoor temperature is high, the following methods can be adopted to reduce the heat entry of RV and improve work efficiency:

1.Park the RV in a cool place. 

2.Strengthen thermal insulation of the compartment,  remove or block the opening in the vehicle, and block the window with shade curtains (shutters or hanging curtains). 

3.Close doors and windows or avoid frequent opening and closing of them. 

4.Avoid using heating devices inside the vehicle.


rv (2).png
air conditioner for rv.png

The overall dimensions of each outdoor unit and panel are as follows:


Preparation for Installation

This product is installed on the roof of RV. When determin- ing your cooling requirements, the following points should 

be considered: Size of RV 

Window area of RV (the larger the area, the more heated) 

Thickness and thermal insulation performance of insulating materials in compartment plate and roof 

Geographical location where the RV is used by users

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