Overhead Air Conditioner For Motorhome

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NFRTN2-135HP Overhead air conditioner for motorhome

Motorhome air conditioners are roughly divided into two categories: driving air conditioners and parking air conditioners. The two can be distinguished from their names. One is used during the driving of the RV, and the other is used after arriving at the campsite.

The top-mounted air conditioner is easier to replace and repair than the bottom-mounted air conditioner, and the cost is lower. Today, I would like to introduce you a high-quality overhead air conditioner:

NFRTN2-135HP Overhead air conditioner for motorhome

Overhead air conditioner for motorhome
Overhead air conditioner for motorhome
Overhead air conditioner for motorhome

Upper Unit Sizes (L*W*H)1054*736*253 mm
Net Weight45KG
Rated Cooling Capacity12000BTU
Rated Heat Pump Capacity12500BTU  (but 115V/60Hz version has no HP) 
Power Supply220-240V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz, 115V/60Hz
Compressorhorizontal type, Gree or others
Dual motors + dual fans system
PP Plastic Injection cover, metal base
Inner frame materialEPP


air conditioner for RV.png
air conditioner for RV.png
air conditioner for RV.png

Note: during the use of this product, due to the great change of air temperature in the vehicle, when the temperature drops rapidly, part of condensate will adhere to the surface of objects near the air outlet, which is a normal phenomenon. After the air conditioner works normally for a certain period, it will be automatically dried and detached from the surface of objects. Therefore, when the air conditioner works, please close the doors and windows as much as possible to reduce the coagulation of water vapor on the surface of objects inside the vehicle.

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