NFHB9000 Air Conditioner For RV

Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment (Group) Co.,Ltd. we are professional air conditioner manufacturer for 30 years, in China, we provide our products to Chinese military vehicle. It can represent the best quality in China, moreover we are the only designated parking heater supplier for Chinese military vehicle. This kind Under-Bunk Air Conditioner For RV is with the advantage of small size; hidden installation does not take up space; flexible installation methods; very low noise; comfortable airconditioning; modular structure, so maintenance is the easiest.
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Product Details

NFHB9000 Under-Bunk Air Conditioners for RV

NFHB9000 5

Major Specs Rated

Unit Sizes (L*W*H): 734*398*296 mm

Net Weight: 27.8KG

Rated Cooling Capacity: 9000BTU

Rated Heat Pump Capacity: 9500BTU   

Extra electric heater: 500W  (but 115V/60Hz version has no heater)

Power Supply: 220-240V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz, 115V/60Hz


Compressor: vertical rotary type, Rechi or Samsung

One motor + 2 fans  system

Total frame material: one piece EPP

Metal base

bottom air  conditioner


1. Hidden installation in the seat, bed bottom or cabinet, save space.

2. layout of pipes to achieve the effect of uniform air flow throughout the house. Air distributed equably through 3 vents all over the room, more comfortable for users                                        

3. low noise & low vibration.                                                     EPP frame  with better sound/heat/vibration insulation, and so simple for faster installation and maintaince. 


Installation example of Under-Bunk Air Conditioners for RV :   






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